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Chamiah Dewey Fashion was Founded by Chamiah Dewey, (a 22 year old at the time, Fashion Student at London College of Fashion) in 2021.

Lots of people are intruiged as to why Chamiah, an average-height woman would start a clothing brand for short stature people…

In 2018, Chamiah met and worked alongside a young person with Dwarfism on a youth program. During this time, Chamiah learnt so much about Achondroplasia, the most common form of Dwarfism; she learnt about it’s challenges, daily set-backs, but also the resilience it built within the short stature community.

After this encounter, a huge impression was set upon Chamiah’s mind, she knew that she wanted to explore creating clothing for short stature people. After much research and multiple university projects later, she learnt that there wasn’t much out there for people with Dwarfism or short stature - especially if they wanted to feel stylish and timeless…

That’s why, in 2020, Chamiah began to develop the brand. Starting with a measurement audit sent out to lots of women with Dwarfism; this lead her on to develop the World’s First Tailors Dummy in the form of a women with Achondroplasia - monumental in aiding the development of the womenswear.

Then the sampling began… Months of developing and fit testing, back and fourth with manufacturers and models to get the clothing perfect for launch.

In the meantime, Chamiah developed the Fashion Template Books, inspired by conversations with disabled women who expressed the feeling of not fitting-in to the fashion industry or feeling seen by it: a couple of people attributed this to not seeing themselves represented in the media, magazines, and fashion books… so Chamiah made them!

Chamiah Dewey Fashion launched their CORE Collection 11/11/2021, however, due to unforeseen issues with manufacturers, they carried on development and re-launched 22/02/2022.

If you have more questions about our story, do not hesitate to contact us at chamiahdeweyfashion@gmail.com !

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We won £15,000!!

Our founder Chamiah recently won £15,000 investment to inject into Chamiah Dewey Fashion, clothing for Dwarfism

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