The World’s First Fashion Templates For Little People Vol. 2

We created the world’s first fashion template books for little people because, after speaking to hundreds of short stature women and girls, it became clear to us that there weren’t enough pathways into the fashion industry; whether that was to be fashion designers, models, stylists etc. Enjoy our new and improved volume 2 iteration with two beautiful new figures.

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The World’s First Fashion Template Book For Wheelchair Users

Are you an aspiring fashion designer, or do you just love fashion and creativity? This book is designed to provide an access point into the fashion industry as a disabled person, or for other adaptive designers who are struggling to sketch disabled models 

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The Ultimate Fashion Template Book Bundle

Can’t decide on which book? Why not have both for the price of 1 1/2!

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Fabrics that care

We aim to always use eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable fabrics, so you can be sure that your garments doesn’t take 500+ to degrade at its end-of-life.

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What sets us apart…

Find out what sets us apart from other premium retail brands, what makes us sustainable, who made your clothes and they they get from a fibre on a farm to a beautiful garment in your hands!


Although I am not a fashion designer, I am really thrilled to receive my template book.  People with rare diseases just, like little people, are often ignored in various aspects of our everyday lives.  The template book reminds people of the pressing need to create a truly inclusive and equitable culture that enables people with rare diseases to live a quality life.